Hello there!

I’m Rob Franken, currently immersed in my PhD journey at Radboud University with the Interuniversity Center for Social Science Theory and Methodology.

I proudly contribute to the research consortium TRIAL (‘TRansition Into Active Living’). In this interdisciplinary project, we examine the dynamics of physical activity and sports behavior over the life-course. Our research places special emphasis on the pivotal role of social networks in driving durable behavior change. Through close collaboration with key stakeholders, our mission is to craft practical tools to equip professionals to offer tailored advice for promoting physically active lifestyles.

My research primarily revolves around exploring the causes of social networks, perceptions within social networks, and social influences driving health-related behaviors and opinion dynamics. I combine traditional survey methods, (online) experiments, big data and social network analyses.

On this website, I share my academic work and other posts. Look forward to more updates in the future!