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Do students consider wokeism a threat to democracy?

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Dutch Minister of Justice and Security Dilan Yesilgöz slammed the woke movement as a threat to the democratic state. Our research shows that a significant group of university students do not agree with her. Opinions about ‘wokeism’ reveal a high level of polarization. However, the real danger to democracy is that students have very limited interest in politics!


Always Stay Active!

In this unique longitudinal panel study, we investigated the dynamic interplay between social sports networks, sporting motivations, and sports outcomes (training consistency and goal achievement) among first-time participants of the 2019 edition of the 7K or 15K ‘Seven Hills Run’.

Online social network experiment

We designed a social network intervention in the online fitness and coaching platform Final Surge with the goal to examine the effects of (online) social support and social comparison as strategies for motivating sports behavior.

The ‘Sports and Friendships’ Study

This study was conducted between 2021-2023 with the aim of understanding the development of multiple dimensions of students’ social relations throughout student life, and its consequences for their sport participation and academic experiences and outcomes.


Running together! How sports partners keep you running

Published in Frontiers in Sports and Active Living, 2022

First-time participants in the Dutch “Seven Hills Run” demonstrate significantly greater success when they run together with sports partners during their event preparation!



Teaching experience 1

Undergraduate course, University 1, Department, 2014

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Teaching experience 2

Workshop, University 1, Department, 2015

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