The ‘Sports and Friendships’ Study

The ‘Sports and Friendships’ follows two cohorts of students at a research university and university of applied science of a major Dutch city (Cohort I: N = 92, Cohort II: N = 655). We mapped the important transitions they experienced (e.g., leaving the parental home), the accompanying changes in their egocentric networks (e.g., newly formed ties), and employed multiple methods to map their sports activities (i.e., survey self-reports, behavior trace data).

An additional module was included in which alters of a specific group of respondents were surveyed. This aimed to investigate and explain the reliability and potential bias associated with proxy reports in network surveys.

The publicly available data-sets, along with a codebook, have been archived on DANS SSH.


Franken, R., Bekhuis, H., and Tolsma, J. (2023). The Sports and Friendships Study 2021-2023. DANS Data Station Social Sciences and Humanities, V1.